Quinn Art Therapy

Create, Communicate, Heal

Welcome to Quinn Art Therapy!

Create, Communicate, and Heal....this is the guiding principle of my all-ages individual and family art therapy practice. Here you will find a safe place to be, to claim your unique creativity, and to explore ways to feel better about you and your relationships.

Quinn Art Therapy is especially dedicated to helping families:

  • Support a family member in need
  • Cope with changes or upset in the family
  • Adjust to new family or life phases
  • Enjoy being a family

Quinn Art Therapy has been successful in the personal growth of individuals in the areas of: chronic pain, anxiety, shyness, depression, stress, and grief, as well as issues specific to the LGBT Community

Art is communication from within us. Making art about you or a problem you want to solve often gives you a new “view” of things, making possible more creative ways to think and speak about what you need and what you want to do.