What to Expect

Create, Communicate, Heal

What You Can Expect in Art Therapy Sessions

I am an art therapist, so I will invite you to make art at any point from start to finish of the therapy. We will address what you need from therapy, your goals, and if you want brief or long term therapy.

You may feel uncomfortable or even nervous as you take a chance and make an art piece. You may feel deep and strong emotions about what your art means. In art therapy there is risk, but there is also hope and healing, and even enjoyment, in the process.

I am also a family therapist, so a focal point of therapy will be your family history, and your family life or other vital relationships now. You may want to, or together we may decide to, include family members, your partner, or your children in sessions.

I am a Mandated Reporter.

Your privacy and sense of trust is of utmostimportance to me. What you say during the initial phone call, and what you say or make in sessions are confidential, with legal exceptions that you may read about here. By law, I must report certain information and situations to the appropriate authorities, to protect you, or to warn those people in danger.

Adjunct art therapy is available.

If you wish to complement other forms of psychotherapy treatment or counseling with art therapy, here is information for your psychotherapist or counselor.